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Patents, DVR Wars and Recording Your Shows
Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) have changed the way we watch television. No longer do you need to run home to catch your favorite shows or bother with VHS tapes to record programs. DVR technology allows for people to easily record shows without tapes, without a VCR and without timers. With the touch ... READ MORE

The America Invents Act: Whoever Files First Wins Big
The electric motor, light bulb and sliced bread - Americans love to invent things. There's even a popular TV show where entrepreneurs and inventors compete for investment money for their ideas. Federal patent laws have been protecting inventions like these since 1790. And for the first time in 60 years, ... READ MORE

What Is Patent Infringement?
Nearly everyone has heard of someone with an invention to make life easier, more fun or more interesting. Many patent attorneys receive calls weekly from people with creative ideas, wondering how they can get their ideas patented so no one else can use them. But what about patent infringement? What is ... READ MORE

Mind over Matter? Supreme Court Considers the Patentability of "Methods"
Update The US Supreme Court decided in Bilski and Warsaw v. Kappos that a business method for managing price risks in the energy market was too abstract to be patented. In simple terms, the business method was a mathematical formula. A lower federal court determined that the mathematical formula wasn’t ... READ MORE

Patent Rights vs. Patients' Rights
New ideas and creations are protected under intellectual property law. When a person or company invents something, they can apply for a patent. A patent is a set of exclusive rights granted by the government to an inventor for a limited time, in exchange for financial rights. The field of intellectual ... READ MORE

Small Business and Patents
Patents are big part of almost any business venture, even a small business. Your business might make money by selling patented goods or by making things that are covered by patents. Or, maybe your employees create new products that are later patented. Whatever the case might be, if you're an employee ... READ MORE

The Patent Process
People have great ideas everyday, and the legal term describing these creations is intellectual property (IP). Inventions are a type of IP, and patents are used to protect the rights of inventors and others. Be familiar with the steps in obtaining a patent and how patent rights benefit you as an intellectual ... READ MORE


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There are several ways of getting a patent licensed.  One is to write letters to manufactureres who sell same or similar products.  Another is to try to attract investors.  That usually ...Read more

Thank you for the question regarding Business Method Patents.  My firm has experience prosecuting business method patents and would love to assist.  Our Firm's fixed-fee cost $7500 and inclu ...Read more

Thank you for the question.  I patent search and opinion letter can vary in price between $1000-1500 based on the technology of the invention. Obviously this range is an estimate and will li ...Read more

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Describing An Invention Part 2

Part 2 of a multi-part series “Part 1” of Describing An Invention covered the purpose of a patent application (limited monopoly in exchange for complete disclosure) and the Brief Descripti ... Read more

How to Properly Describe An Invention for Your Patent Application- Part 1

Writing and applying for a Patent is a trade-off. In return for the inventor having a monopoly for making, using, offer to sell and selling the invention, the patent application must describe the inve ... Read more

Intellectual Property Protections for New Product Inventions

New Product Inventions Require the Right Protection Without the right intellectual property protections, your new product ideas and inventions are just as likely to benefit another business as your ow ... Read more

How to Legally Protect Your Inventions and Ideas

An idea can be worth a million dollars – to you or to your competitor – which is why it is important to take steps to protect your inventions and ideas. Unfortunately, many business owners ... Read more

Wasted money on a provisional patent application

Here are six reasons not to waste money on a provisional patent application. (1) Informed people know that only an issued patent from a non-provisional application has patent rights and that there is ... Read more

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