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Copyright FAQ
Are copyrights transferable? Can a minor claim a copyright? Can foreigners register their works in the U.S.? Can I copyright the name of my band? Can I submit a CD-ROM of my work? Can I submit my manuscript on a computer disk? Could I be sued for using somebody else's work? How about quotes or samples? ... READ MORE

The iPad's Potential Legal Problems
The Apple iPad's has arrived. Among its many features is an audio e-book reader. While it's expected to become the most popular e-book reader, there are already legal challenges looming. What Is an E-book Reader? An e-book reader is an electronic device designed to read digital books and other publications. ... READ MORE

The New Currency? Bloggers Get Paid with Space
We've all seen movies or read books about struggling new journalists working day and night for practically nothing, looking for the big break: A hot news story guaranteeing Woodward and Bernstein notoriety. Some bloggers may get that break without much of a wait, but for others it may not happen so easily. ... READ MORE

Copying "The Catcher in the Rye"
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. When it comes to copyright law though, imitation can land you in court. Just ask J.D. Salinger's biggest fan. Swedish author Fredrik Colting, working under the pen name J.D. California, wrote his own novel as a tribute to Salinger's classic tale "The Catcher ... READ MORE

Pirates in the Modern Age: Fraudulent Online Vendors
On the open seas, pirates cut a dashing figure, tough and menacing. Their colorful image is the subject of movies and of endless imitation in costumes and books. However, modern-day pirates have no such image. In fact, their identity comes from their unseen presence. They're known only by their web sites, ... READ MORE

Plagiarizing ? If the President Can Do it, Why Can?t We?
An online columnist for the Wall Street Journal was caught plagiarizing. Freelance writer Mona Sarika, who wrote the “New Global Indian” online column, used content from the Washington Post, Little India, India Today and San Francisco magazine. Sarika copied direct quotes from other articles, without ... READ MORE

What Does Copyright Cover? Copyright covers literary works such as: Books Plays Poems Musical works Sound recordings Paintings Drawings Cartoons Photographs Audio visual works (such as motion pictures and graphic animation) Computer software As the majority of material on the Internet falls into one ... READ MORE

Music Piracy - Make Sure Your Music Is Legal
Related Item A California company is taking a new approach to deter and collect damages for unlawful file-sharing. The company watches bit torrent sites for illegal downloads. It sends emails to the violators, offering to settle the claim for $10 per violation. If they choose, violators can pay the ... READ MORE

Small Business and Copyright Ownership
Everyday, you come across materials that are protected by a copyright: the stories in the morning newspaper, the magazine you read at lunch and the television show or baseball game that you watch in the evening. The protection given by a copyright lies in limiting how and for how long other people can ... READ MORE


Get a Free Evaluation For Your Copyrights Case From a Local Attorney

Applying Copyright Registration to Subsequent Works by the Author

I received a call from a programmer asking whether the copyright registration of software written in one code language applies to the same program written in another code language. The answer was impo ... Read more

What Constitutes Copyright Infringement?

Sometimes the most valuable assets a business owns are not the physical buildings which house the employees or the land upon which such building sits, but the ideas, creations, and inventions that the ... Read more

What is Copyright Infringement?

Copyright infringement can cost a business owner or the creator of a copyrighted work dearly. Not only does the owner or creator of the work now have to contend with attempting to sell or use his or h ... Read more

Intellectual Property Protections for New Product Inventions

New Product Inventions Require the Right Protection Without the right intellectual property protections, your new product ideas and inventions are just as likely to benefit another business as your ow ... Read more

Copyright For Critical Reading and Comp

Copyright protects creative ideas that are perceivably recorded in specific formats. An idea is creative if it is more than minimal (a title, a fact, and Bob Spongee are minimal), not functional (furn ... Read more

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