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I need to copyright my logo, website name and incorporate the business.

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I advice on copyright, incorporating laws for the US. I need to incorporate my company name and copyright the logo and web site. I began a blog and developed a web site, and want to ensure that everything is legally covered. Please contact me as soon as possible, as it is a timely issue until site launch. We are currently expats overseas, so tips on filing are gbreatly appreciated!
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Answered on May 16th, 2016 at 8:55 AM

You need to decide which state you are going to incorporate your business.  Each state has a Secretary of State website with a Division of Corporations section that will explain what documents you need to complete to incorporate your business.

You would need a trademark registration for your logo and company name.  First you should conduct a trademark search to determine if anyone else is using the marks in the US or where ever you are going to market your products/services.  If your trademark search reveals other people or entities are using the same mark for similar products/services, you need to change the mark.  If your trademark search reveals no one else is using the mark for similar products/services you should proceed to file a trademark application for the trademarks (logo and name).  

If you are marketing your goods/services in interstate commerce then go to the USPTO website and follow the instructions to file a trademark application.  There are videos and manuals available for your use on the website.  If you are marketing your goods/services internationally you need to consider other countries you need to register your trademarks.  This information is also on the USPTO website.

You can obtain a copyright registration for your website through the US Copyright Office.  Go to their website and follow the instructions for registering a work.  

Since you have not provided any details on the product/services and where you will be selling your products/services, it is very difficult to provide more advise.  Best of luck.

Crystal Broughan

Marks Gray, P.A.

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