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I have a published book. The publishing company just closed its doors. I have a contract with them. Can I reprint my book since they are no more?

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No bankruptcy has been declared that I know. They merely stopped responding. Their website says they are permanently closed. . I am in California. The publishing company was in illinois .
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Answered on Jul 26th, 2017 at 10:29 AM

You have a contract, but it sounds like the publisher has breached the contract by failing to perform its obligations under the contract -- specifically, the publishing part.

1. Send a letter to the publisher, documenting everything you've done to get the publisher to perform. Keep a copy, of course.

2. That letter should have a deadline; the publisher will have to get back to you by a certain date, or you will consider them in breach and will get the book published elsewhere.

3. The day after the deadline (assuming, as is likely, that the publisher will not respond), send a letter saying that the lack of response confirms their intent to breach the contract, and that you will begin shopping the book elsewhere. Reserve your right to seek damages.

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