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Hi, I want to file a Trademark as an Individual. Wondering how much does it cost?
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The process of registerting a trademark involves two steps.  First, you file a trademark application, then you wait until the Patnet and Trademark Office assigns an examiner to the case and the examiner typically issues an Office Action.  After that, the applicant and his/her attorney try to address the issues raised by the trademark examiner.  At ADLI law we charge a flat fee of $2,500 for the entire process, excluding responding to substantive office actions.  The substantive response may be required if the trademark examiner rejects a trademark application based on "likelihood of confusion."  Feel free to contact me if you have any furtehr questions.

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The legal system recognizes the rights of people and companies that invent and create unique works, granting them ownership of those tangible and intangible assets through a number of intellectual property laws. Intellection property, or IP, includes patents, trademarks, copyright, trade dress and trade secrets. Intellectual property attorneys work with businesses and individuals (including inventors, writers, composers, artists and designers) to help protect these intellectual assets. IP lawyers and law firms can assist with taking initial steps to protect assets, while also working with clients to license items and to protect assets that are plagiarized, infringed and/or misappropriated.
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