Trademarks are forms of intellectual property that protect identifying marks that distinguish goods or services. To be a trademark, the mark must be identified in the minds of consumers with a particular source of a good or service. Trademarks come in different levels of protection or "strengths," including generic marks, descriptive marks, suggestive marks, and arbitrary or fanciful marks. Please read on to find a trademark attorney, lawyer, trademark information, or to learn more about trademark law.

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Ask a Lawyer - Intellectual Property Law questions answered by leading lawyers
I am an author of a children's book that a large organization would like to use to stage an event ar
They would recreate the story and add music and read the story during the event - sillier to a play. They would charge a fee to this event. The would then give away the product that come with the book to each child and sell the book at their event. My question is; do they need to pay me a licensing fee for this? The event would be a money making event for this company and they would run this event for 6 weeks. How do I determine how much to charge them for a licensing fee if it is applicable?
Book licensing fees
Could you answer a question for me. I am an author and a large organization would like to produce an event around my children's book - something like a Polar Express but not exactly. They would charge a fee to this event and give out the product I sell with my book to the children and sell the book in their stores. This would deb a money making event for them. Do I need to charge them a licensing fee for this use? I realize they will pay me for the books and products but do I charge them a licensing fee for the six weeks they will hold this event. They may be calling the event the title of the book. Thank you.
In NYS is it illegal to parody an animated film character image?
The film was released in 1968. The character is already an allegorical representation of a certain type of people in the world.The addition of certain items to the existing image creates a funny expression about a (now relatively) current affair, as part of a larger design. No financial gain. No desire to be arrested for wearing the original t-shirt on which the design would appear (or otherwise using it) on the premise that I was breaking the law.
Is diclosing Email messages of another party illegal ?
I have been exchanging emails with a friend of mine over a certain topic and it came to my knowledge that he means to publish my emails and use them as arguments. Don't i have a say in all of this ?
I received a letter from Johnson and Pham LLP, what should i do?
On July 10th I received a certified letter from the US customs and border protection regarding of seizure notification for counterfeit merchandising. Apparently, there were 52units of fitness products of Focus T25. However i didn't order anything whatsoever of that nature. by the way, They held the package and was never signed tho. But it has my full name and address. So I called the custom penalty fees department for advice and was told to do a handwriting petition letter explaining what happened then send it back along with a check mark option stating to abandon the property, so i did. But few days later i received a regular first class letter from the law firm "Johnson and Pham llp" attorneys basically demanding me for trademark, copyright infringement, false designation of origin, trademark dilution and unfair business practices. Also want me to send them a check for $15000 for the complaint damages. What are my option at this point? Thank
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