Trademarks are forms of intellectual property that protect identifying marks that distinguish goods or services. To be a trademark, the mark must be identified in the minds of consumers with a particular source of a good or service. Trademarks come in different levels of protection or "strengths," including generic marks, descriptive marks, suggestive marks, and arbitrary or fanciful marks. Please read on to find a trademark attorney, lawyer, trademark information, or to learn more about trademark law.

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Ask a Lawyer - Intellectual Property Law questions answered by leading lawyers
Is unpaid work my property, or the property of my client?
I am a freelance writer, and submitted articles to a client for which I have not been paid. Am I entitled to sell these articles to other clients, since the original client has not met their end of the deal?
Need to understand the licensing issues around 3D prinitng one off, individually requisitioned, trad
We own a company that produces 3D printed cremation urns. A client reached out to us and has requested that we make one, custom rendering of his favorite NASCAR
Do you deal with a plagiarism issue (theft of published research and republishing it in journal) who
A guy and two of his colleagues stole at least two of my published papers (almost in the form of "Copy and Paste") which were republished in a journal published by a university and hosted by a well known with an international reputation and a good name. The damage has already been done, as the plagiarized paper has been published in the concerned journal on the Internet, which has caused me a great deal of distress. In this case, am I entitled for financial compensation as a result of the theft of my intellectual property, and the damage due. P.S.: Please note I am residing outside the USA. However, I filled in below "CA, because this field is required. Many thanks in advance for your kind cooperation, looking forward to hearing from you. Kind regards. ---- Hilmi Dr. Hilmi S. Salem
about "proof of existence"
I have more than a hundred Gigabytes of digital files on my computer (mostly engineering drawings). If I have to present these in a court years from now, how can I prove that these files existed years ago? My approach is to store these files on a flash drive, seal this drive in a paper "evidence bag" and date it and sign it in presence of a notary. Will this constitute a required "proof of existence" of these pictures on the date I have signed it, when presented to court? I would appreciate a direct "yes or no" answer so that I do not have dig into it to make my own interpretation of law. - If yes, please, show me the references to cases in court or internet when such a proof of existence was accepted. - If, no, please, tell me what specific methods exists in order to accomplish my goal -- undeniable proof of existence.
I was contracted to make t shirts for a sports team at school. They bought the shirts from me, but n
This has happened numerous times. representatives (coaches) of teams at colleges (schools/clubs) ask me for a mock up design and a quote and take my design that was not paid for elsewhere to be printed. How do I protect myself from reps taking my work?
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