Provisional Patent Application

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Create or update your Provisional Patent Application.

When you have an invention that you want to protect, the process to patent it through the US Patent office can seem intimidating. provides you with the information needed to apply for a patent and get the guidance you need.

What is a patent?

Obtaining a patent for your invention protects from another person trying to make (hopefully) money from the same or very similar idea. The person who applies first is the winner in this case.

Why should I use a Provisional Patent Application?

  • Gain an edge on your competition
  • Begin using "Patent Pending" when you advertise and market your product

Have the following information ready for your patent applications:

  • Names and addresses of all parties involved
  • Information about the product or object to be patented
  • Details about any existing product that might be similar to your product

The Patent Center gets you started: From finding a patent lawyer, filing a provisional patent application and possibly getting a longer patent term by one important year.

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