Patents are a form of intellectual property that protect new and useful machines, articles, substances, or processes through exclusive rights granted by the federal government to their inventors. To receive an invention patent, the inventor must apply to the federal government and, if the invention patent is granted, the government will publish a full description for the invention and its use in the patent disclosure. The term of the patentee's exclusive right lasts for 20 years from the date when the application was filed. Please read on to find a patent attorney, patent lawyer, or to learn more about patent information.

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Ask a Lawyer - Patents Law questions answered by leading lawyers
is patent or trademark revocation rare?
Washington Redskins have trademark revoked
In filing for a trademark, should I file all trademarks that closely resemble mine? Say we are trade
As well, would you have to apply separately or could you include all on the same application? Thanks
Can the time stamp of a PC document be a copyright
Im registering free copyrights at beatbrokerz, they put my work on a document that has my name on a file inside the document which you can view the last modified date on, and the time stamp of the document itself.
Patent Lawyer Concerns-canceled claims
Hello! I found this patent lawyer who is highly rated on AVVO. However, when looking over some patents he has filed in the past, I noticed that more than 50% of the claims for various inventions were canceled. Should I consider this a red flag?
trademark dispute
I have an independent film company, I am in the process of registering my company name. It was just published in the trademark official gazette. I got emailed by a guy who used the name to make a documentary in 2009. Who has the right to the name?
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