Patents are a form of intellectual property that protect new and useful machines, articles, substances, or processes through exclusive rights granted by the federal government to their inventors. To receive an invention patent, the inventor must apply to the federal government and, if the invention patent is granted, the government will publish a full description for the invention and its use in the patent disclosure. The term of the patentee's exclusive right lasts for 20 years from the date when the application was filed. Please read on to find a patent attorney, patent lawyer, or to learn more about patent information.

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Ask a Lawyer - Patents Law questions answered by leading lawyers
my patent attorney terminate the contract agreement
After I paid the retainer fees and for no reason given my patent attorney decide to terminate the agreement. Is this legal? what about my retainer? I believe he used my retainer money to the fullest and then said he cannot represent the company
i have a question about patents
im not vary knowledgeable in this, but here it goes, i was part of a youtube/community, but i was removed as moderator, for cross promoting my self, even though i was told it was ok, they said were not about that, i dicidid to make my own channel/community who purpose is to cross promote its members and subscriber' it even has administrators other them my self to upload content, we host playlist from subs, to bring traffic there way and vice versa, moderators would also have a watermark on there videos to show what channel/user was the uploader basically a signature of a sort, but then the former group came around and said that was there idea, that i was copying theme, and that they had a patent on the concept/idea yes the same group i was removed from was saying i can not do that, and he would take legal action if i did from what was said, im not even sure i can have my group in the form of multiple uploader's on my channel, even when youtube allows that option, can they do this?
Patent for audio software and hardware
I would like to possibly obtain a utility patent for a solution based on existing gear used in a particular combination and method. Would be for audio studios and home producers both beginner and advanced engineers. I think a utility patent is required to protect the idea before I begin talking to people about making the product.
Where should I start if I want to patent my idea?
I'm thinking to just patent my idea since I don't have the engineering background to produce the idea. Should I license the idea or find an engineer or lawyer with engineering background to patent the product?
Selling counterfeit products
I want to sell online products imported from China which may be counterfeit, can the original owner do anything else besides from requesting to discontinue selling the items? or which other problems can I be involved in if I already sold them and agree to discontinue once I get informed they are counterfeit? Thank you
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