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While most people do recognize the term "intellectual property," just what does it mean? Intellectual property (IP) is intangible property that is cre ... read more
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Can the IOC Claim Ownership of Athletes Names?
When a manufacturer skiing equipment congratulated US skier Lindsey Vonn on its web site after she won gold, it didn't expect to hear from lawyers about unauthorized and illegal conduct. Uvex Sports sells skiing and bicycling equipment, like eye wear and helmets. It's the US distributor of a Uvex, ... Read more

Company Sues Over Unauthorized Use of Its Fonts
In today's digital world, practically everybody types on a computer for all sorts of reasons, such as writing a report for school, preparing a presentation for your boss, and writing and editing articles for your desktop publishing business. All that typing means we're using fonts. You may not have thought ... Read more

Former College Athletes Sue NCAA over Licensing
Update The federal district court in San Francisco denied the NCAA's request to dismiss the class-action lawsuit challenging their right to use former athletes' images and likenesses on TV commercials, clothes, and video games. The lawsuit claims the NCAA must pay former athletes for such uses. ... Read more

NFL Saints Fight Over the Who Dat Phrase Cheer
The fans of the New Orleans Saints, one of the teams playing in the 2010 installment of the Super Bowl, are collectively known as "Who Dat Nation." What, you say? "Who Dat" is the catch phrase or cheer made popular by Saints fans, and its plastered all over New Orleans - and the state of Louisiana, for ... Read more

Licensing Agreements
While most people do recognize the term "intellectual property," just what does it mean? Intellectual property (IP) is intangible property that is created in someone's mind. Categories include art, literary works, music, inventions, designs, processes and trademarks. Intellectual property has value just ... Read more

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Software Protection Strategies: Alternatives to Patents

Software Protection Strategies: Alternatives to Patents Over the past few decades, intellectual property (IP) has become an increasingly larger portion of the capital investment and assets of U.S. ... Read more

Implied Nonexclusive License as an Affirmative Defense to a Claim of Copyright Infringement in Pennsylvania

Legal issues pertaining to intellectual property, such as copyright infringement, are governed by federal law.  Specifically, copyright infringement is covered under the Copyright Act at 1 ... Read more

The Kardashians "Marked"

Back in 2007 it was hard to imagine that the Kardashian family would be a household name, for better or worse.  The daily lives of Kim, Kourtney and Khloe, along with the rest of their family a ... Read more

How to Protect your Intellectual Property

Defending Your Company SecretsThe unique aspects of your business provide the competitive edge that helps ensure success. To keep competitors from using your unique technology, copying your identifyin ... Read more

Sophilia Hsu Joins CHESTER pllc

The global business and technology law firm of CHESTER pllc is pleased to announce that Sophilia Hsu has joined the firm as an associate.Sophilia handles a range of commercial of intellectual property ... Read more

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