Copyrights are forms of intellectual property that protect original works of authorship; literary, dramatic, musical, and artistic works. This includes novels, plays, songs, software, and paintings from the moment they are created and fixed in a tangible form. Copyright law gives the author or owner of a work the right to control reproduction, distribution, adaptation, public performance, public display, and translations into other languages or other media. Copyright protection does not protect ideas. Please read on to find a copyright attorney or lawyer from the Lawyers.comsm attorney directory.

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Ask a Lawyer - Intellectual Property Law questions answered by leading lawyers
In a situation where different people could claim IP ownership, will USPTO copyright/trademark filin
I work with a business that recently set up a new LLC that was to be for a new website and related products and services. A software developer was engaged, although no documents at all were signed. The software developer set up a website and did some coding. A week later, things broke up and the software developer and the LLC decided not to work together after all. Now the software developer is claiming all of the company's IP, even though the claims are hogwash, except for maybe claims to code that the business doesn't care about. If the business files a trademark application for the product's name with the USPTO, and if the business also submits a screenshot of the site (and whatever other IP it can) in a copyright filing with the USPTO, will that help defend against the developer's claims of ownership? (The business wouldn't file anything about the developer's code, which it doesn't want.) Thanks.
Can a lawyer practicing law in California bring suit against someone in Colorado?
I have a dispute with someone over unpaid work. He has threatened to sue me over withholding said work (video presentations that I paid all productions costs for; media, camera, sound equipment, editing) on basis of it's his "intellectual property". We both live Colorado. All the work was done in Colorado. His lawyer is located in San Diego, CA. Does he need to get local representation to file suit against me?
Intallectual property query
Hi had a doubt regarding patents and also would like to know more about international patent
writing fitness article for magazine
The first article of a monthly column. Curious about how and/if I need to protect myself
Can we be forced to change our band name just because another band has a similar name?
I have been in this band for 2 years and have had no issue with this, an hour ago a band whose name is one letter off of ours messaged us and said we "need" to change our name. After this he claimed they would get their lawyer. Are they able to make us change our name because of this? Or should I just not worry about it?
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