Copyrights are forms of intellectual property that protect original works of authorship; literary, dramatic, musical, and artistic works. This includes novels, plays, songs, software, and paintings from the moment they are created and fixed in a tangible form. Copyright law gives the author or owner of a work the right to control reproduction, distribution, adaptation, public performance, public display, and translations into other languages or other media. Copyright protection does not protect ideas. Please read on to find a copyright attorney or lawyer from the Lawyers.comsm attorney directory.

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Ask a Lawyer - Intellectual Property Law questions answered by leading lawyers
Would it be a liability to use a cartoon character in the name of a small business?
My friend and I have been planning on creating a bakery that is focused on creating video game themed cakes and cupcakes, and we planned on the name to be Koopa Cakes, which is the name of a turtle-like enemy in the Mario Bros series owned by Nintendo. Could we be sued if we used this name?
When do I need a photo release?
I am a photographer who has a photo taken at a private resort. A company has approached me to use this image on their web site. Since this is not being used for editorial purposes I feel that I need to get a photo release from the owners of the resort. Am I correct?
If in my contract with Verizon says that the info on my phone will stay private how can Facebook be
Facebook terms and conditions and cell phone contracts
Is unpaid work my property, or the property of my client?
I am a freelance writer, and submitted articles to a client for which I have not been paid. Am I entitled to sell these articles to other clients, since the original client has not met their end of the deal?
Need to understand the licensing issues around 3D prinitng one off, individually requisitioned, trad
We own a company that produces 3D printed cremation urns. A client reached out to us and has requested that we make one, custom rendering of his favorite NASCAR
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