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Hello, I'm writing an article for a newspaper (high school) on funny videos, and for an image I was wondering if it's allowed for me to take an image off of Wikipedia or take a screenshot from the video. The video is "Chewbacca Mom." If it adds anything, the newspaper is only given out to anyone associated with the school and is not published online. The only way to get one is to come to the classroom, and the picture would simply show what Chewbacca Mom is, as my article is about videos that will make you happy, and there is a paragraph about Chewbacca Mom.
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Answered on Jan 30th, 2017 at 11:26 AM

Under 15 USC sec. 107, this is highly likely to be an allowable fair use. You are using it for a nonprofit educational purpose, you are using only one screenshot of a larger video, and your proposed use is not likely to cause the original to lose value. This is a strong case for fair use.

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