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Looking to do a patent search, advice or opinion on my invention after results. Than possibly proceeding with patent application. Wanting to know a general cost for these services.
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Answered on Feb 27th, 2017 at 6:35 AM

Thank you for the question.  I patent search and opinion letter can vary in price between $1000-1500 based on the technology of the invention. Obviously this range is an estimate and will likely be greater with larger Firms.  Our Firm charges between $800-1200 for a search and opinion letter.  Have a great day.



Andrew Rapacke

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A patent gives an inventor a set of exclusive legal rights to his or her invention for a limited period of time. Chief among these rights: Patent holders have exclusive authority to manufacturer, sell, distribute and license inventions for the duration of the patent's life. If you are individual or a business that has an invention, talk to patent attorneys or intellectual property lawyers immediately. The law firm can help determine if your invention qualifies for a patent or potentially infringes on an existing patent, can guide you through the patent application process and can work with you to enforce your patent against potential infringers. If you've been accused of infringing on another party's patent, your lawyer can defend you against such allegations or attempt to negotiate a licensing agreement with the patent holder.
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