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First, make sure you have obtained copyright registrations on all of your materials.  If you have not then you need to file for an expedited copyright registration with the US Copyright office(ww ...Read more

You may.  We would have to see all of the facts, but under copyright law, the works at issue need only be "substantially similar," and you would also have to prove that the other company had "acc ...Read more

It depends.  If the other business's trademark is considered famous, then you should not attempt to use or register a similar trademark in another field of use.  Also, if your intended use c ...Read more

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Yelping About Yelp

Yelp and other business profile websites are a common sore spot for many businesses. At a minimum, it is a free service to advertise your business, showcasing your products or services and attracting ... Read more

Unfair competition? Medical co., retailer spar in federal court

A blue square interlocked with a green square. A green square interlocked with a purple square, which from a central position also links to a blue square. Are those images/icons similar? And if so, is ... Read more

Intellectual Property: How Ideas Are Protected

Small business owners have a difficult task in navigating the legal side of their business. After all, business owners are an expert in their fields, not the law — and that can make it hard for ... Read more

KFC readily litigious when it comes to protecting that recipe

What is allegedly locked up in a humungous safe that the New York Times notes is “encased in two feet of concrete and guarded by video cameras and motion detectors?” Nuclear codes? The wor ... Read more

Are Methods of Diagnosis Still Patentable?

Methods of medical treatment and methods of medical diagnosis have long been recognized as patentable subject matter in the United States. However, recent decisions from the US Supreme Court as well a ... Read more

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