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1. Do not sue the court; it will waste your time and resources. An interlocutory appeal is highly unlikely to succeed, even if your appeal has merit, and I do not see any merit. 2. It is a very rare ...Read more

Here's the good news: Congress specifically exempted photographs or artistic renditions of buildings. See 17 USC 120(a):   (a)Pictorial Representations Permitted.— The copyright in an arc ...Read more

Let me try to recast your facts in a manner a lawyer can understand, and then I'll have an answer for you. You and the partner wrote a few songs. He has recorded those songs onto an album, and is pla ...Read more

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Steps to Protect Your Business From Trademark Infringement

In this final installment of a three part video series on Trademark Law, Attorney Randy Brotherhood identifies how a business can determine whether its trademark rights may have been violated or infri ... Read more

Top 10 Medical Devices of the 20th Century

Medical treatments moved forward in leaps and bounds during the 20th century, enabling quality of life to be greatly improved and for the quantity of that same life to be extended.In addition to pharm ... Read more

Non-Disclosure Agreements for Startups

Protecting intellectual property is important for a startup business, but private business information should also remain within the business. Non-disclosure agreements are one way a new startup can p ... Read more

Intellectual Property Rights for Small Business

Protecting intellectual property is a critical early step in establishing a new business. The process can be complex, but the ability of a business to establish a brand and grow by steps depends on ha ... Read more

Financial Technology Intellectual Property (FinTech IP)

Recent years have seen an unprecedented rise of the FinTech industry, i.e. financial technology businesses. According to the World Fintech Report 2017, more than half of financial services users world ... Read more

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