Intellectual Property

Intellectual property law protects the creative works of authors, composers, designers, and inventors from being pirated. There are four basic categories of intellectual property: copyrights, patents, trademarks, and trade secrets. Generally, each category is used with different types of material and affords different protections. Copyrights protect original works of authorship from the moment they are created and fixed in a tangible form. Patents protect new and useful machines, articles, substances, or processes through exclusive rights granted by the federal government to their inventors. Trademarks protect identifying marks that distinguish goods or services, such as names, logos, designs, emblems, and distinctive sounds and smells. Trade secrets protect confidential business information or "proprietary information," such as business plans, chemical formulas, and customer lists.

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Legal articles focusing on Intellectual Property Law
Protect Your Business' Intellectual Property
Intellectual property isn't tangible. Although it's not typically something that you can hold in your hands, it belongs to your business just the same. It's as real as any piece of equipment. A variety of laws protect it against theft by other businesses or individuals.
The Patent Process
Patents give inventors the exclusive right to use, make, and sell their inventions, such as new machines and processes. During National Inventors Month, it's a good time to learn how you can protect your ideas for a new product or machine through the patent process.
Licensing Agreements
In business, a written license agreement is essential to enforce your rights. A license is really nothing more than a contractual right that gives someone permission to do a certain activity or to use certain property that is owned by someone else.
Intellectual Property: Selecting a Good Lawyer
Entertainment and intellectual property law cover a very broad spectrum of legal issues involving contracts, patents, trademarks, copyrights and more. The level of expertise of lawyers specializing in these areas can vary from generalists in the field to experts in sub-specialties that may range fro

Ask a Lawyer - Intellectual Property Law questions answered by leading lawyers
Copyright in a literary work normally lasts for?
Copyright in a literary work normally lasts for? which is the correct answer 1. 20 years 2. 70 years 3. life of the creator 4. life of the creator plus 70 years 5. Opt-Out
Copyright subsists on: which is the correct answers
Copyright subsists on? which is the correct answer 1. creation (in a fixed form) of a literary, dramatic or musical work 2. application for a copyright in literary, dramatic or musical work 3.grant of copyright in literary, dramatic or musical work 4.use of a literary, dramatic or musical work
A Trade Mark is comprised of a sign which must be?
A Trade Mark is comprised of a sign which must be? 1.colourful 2. capable of reproduction 3. capable of being represented graphically 4. all of the above 5. Opt-Out
what is my right if my book publishing has constantly been delayed for the last 3 years when i have
Cyber Squatting Intellectual Property
I purchased many domain names 5 years ago. One of which is someone I know, and over the years they have become famous, at the time, they were not. We are in contact regularly. They have not inquired at all about the domain. As a businessman, I would like to sell the domain at market value. I would ideally like to offer at market value to the person I know, but do not want to be accused of cyber squatting and possibly lose the domain. I am not using the domain name as a website. The person I know who's name is the same as the domain, is not trademarked but used in commerce. By offering to sell them the domain name risky, as it has been nearly 5 years, or would it better to offer it on the open market? It is a first and last name, and probably hundreds or thousands of people have the same name, but are not celebrities.
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